35th Chaos Communication Congress

A Blockchain Picture Book
2018-12-29, 19:10–19:50, Dijkstra

Where is the blockchain, how long is it, and what does it have to do with cryptography? And is it really something completely new? I spent a lot of time in pubs explaining to people what this blockchain hype is all about. It turns out that the best way to do that is to use images - literally.
The idea behind this talk is to give you a rough understanding of the scientific background behind the Blockchain technology.

Blockchain origins and related buzzwords, described in pictures.
We make a short excursion into the field of distributed computing where we gain a rough understanding of the origins behind this technology - in a most abstract way.
We explore how different kinds of Blockchains are formed and what kind of properties we may achieve - good as well as the bad ones.
Be warned: This is not meant as investment advice. The goal of the talk is to give you an actual basic understanding of the topic so you can teach your uninformed friends at the pub, too.