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pretalx is open source software, which means you can host your own instance without paying a dime … apart from your time, and your nerves, and the server costs, that is.

You can instead choose to use our hosting service here at pretalx.com, as a range of other events already do.

We offer two rates, a cheaper one for community events, which don't aspire to make a profit, are run by community volunteers, and aren't backed by a company. This cheaper price is made possible by the professional rate, for events backed by a professional company. There is feature parity between both of these packages.

Self-hosted Standard rate Community rate
Pricing per event
EUR ??? EUR 800 EUR 450
Flexible Call for Papers
Customizable rating and selection process
Unlimited users and submissions
Communications with speakers
Build a schedule to fit all your speakers
Full API access
Email support
Get started Contact sales Contact sales