Ana Maria García Sánchez

Hi! My name's Ana and I'm a 22 years old girl finishing her degree in Software Engineering while working at as a Backend Engineer.

During my time in college, I've been active in student representation. In fact, I've been the president of the delegation and assembly of my school for two years, leading groups, making decisions, giving speeches, organizing events like the EII Tech Fest...

At this time, I'm trying to leave that world, but while I do, I'm the coordinator of the infrastructure commission at RITSI.

Not only I'm not afraid of talking in public and being "against" an audience, but I enjoy doing it, so trying to give a speech at Berlin Buzzwords is an exciting new experience.


Relevance is not a Thing but a Perception
Ana Maria García Sánchez

When talking about relevance regarding search, it often sounds like it is a thing, something that can be touched and seen. Nevertheless, that is not the case. What do I mean by that? In this talk, I will provide some examples of how relevance is often merely seen as a score when it can be, in fact, an engaging relationship where the user and the search UI connect in aesthetic and enjoyable ways. I will present numerous examples of innovative search experiences that challenge prevailing schemas and structures and lead instead to elements of motion and correlated visual action that allows us to perceive the beauty of relevancy on a different level. Because relevance is a matter of perception

The Search track is presented by OpenSource Connections