Lara Menéndez García

Lara Menendez is Product Director and member of the Executive Board at, a leading innovator in commerce search and discovery. She is responsible for all aspects of the product. Her role is critical in the product strategy, focusing on commerce search experiences that evoke positive emotions.
Prior to joining, Lara’s work experience included data engineering and analytics positions with Pull&Bear and Merkle. Her crucial role in overseeing global product management at Empathy is reflected in how she leads the product team: A team that is committed to building human-centred commerce search and discovery platforms that empower big brands to create trustworthy, understanding and joyful experiences.
After living in Asturias and Galicia (Spain), she is now based in London as part of Empathy’s team in their UK headquarters. She loves London vibes but she misses Spanish gastronomy. When she’s not at her desk, you can find Lara enjoying a good Spanish wine.


Goodbye Tracking, Hello Privacy: The Technology & Architecture behind Ethical Search & Discovery
Nina Müller, Lara Menéndez García

Search is a vital part of the online experience and for many brands a key way to interact with their customers. Yet search results are too often derived from data collected by trackers and analytics, tools that disrespect human rights and GDPR or CCPA regulations. In this talk, we'll outline the negative impact of tracking while exploring alternative solutions that actively protect privacy without detracting from the search experience.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn the key principles of a privacy-first platform architecture
  • Explore high demand performance stability in a data protected environment
  • Liberty of liability: look, but don’t touch personal data

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