Don't Panic: Getting Your Infrastructure Drift Under Control
06-14, 11:30–12:10 (Europe/Berlin), Frannz Salon

In your ever-changing Infrastructure, some changes are intentional while others are not.

Infrastructure Drift can happen for many reasons, sometimes it happens when adding or removing resources, other times when changing resource definitions upon resource termination or failure, and even when changes have been made manually or via other automation tools.

When something is changed intentionally, it will appear in the source code, and should not raise any alarm. However, if any part of the infrastructure has been changed manually, there are tools that can identify this, and alert to the change. In other words, if your IaC drifted from its expected state, then you can in fact, detect it.

Applying simple solutions can empower DevOps and developer velocity, with the reassurance and context for unexpected changes in your IaC, in near real-time. This talk will showcase real-world examples, and practical ways to apply this in your production environments, while doing so safely and at the pace of your engineering cycles.

Drift is what happens whenever the real-world state of your infrastructure differs from the state defined in your configuration.

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Eran Bibi is Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at Firefly. With years of experience in anything DevOps/SRE and security, he has earned a reputation as a CI/CD and SRE expert and an avid admin of Cloud Platforms and containerized environments.

Prior to Firefly, Eran was Head of DevOps & Cloud Platform at Aqua Security and DevOps Group Lead at Finastra. Eran is a frequent speaker at Cloud Native meetups, AWS community meetups, and other cloud workshops and conferences.