Effective CI/CD for Large Systems
06-14, 10:40–11:20 (Europe/Berlin), Frannz Salon

CI/CD brings tremendous value to development teams. The rapid availability of feedback helps developers make informed decisions about their design choices and lets teams deploy with confidence. But when systems become large and test times go from seconds to hours, how do we get our groove back? In this talk, we’ll explore strategies for validating large, complex systems, such as:

  • Setting well-defined component boundaries
  • Flexibly modeling dependencies between these components
  • Ranking tests by cost versus value
  • Testing in production with canary launches and feature flags

These and similar techniques let us minimize test times, maximize confidence, and free our teams up to focus on delivering value to customers.

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Josh lives in Montréal, Canada, and works on the Release Engineering team at Aiven. With many years of experience in several parts of the software development lifecycle, he has a passion for processes that enable smooth interactions between developers and operations. When he’s not hacking away at a problem or championing best practices, he loves to cook recipes from around the world, as long as he can garnish them with a little bit of cilantro!