Help! I Need To UnSQLize My Application
06-13, 14:50–15:30 (Europe/Berlin), Palais Atelier

More and more people are moving from old-school relational databases to a variant of NoSQL. If starting a green-field project with a document database is easy, it can be a different story when migrating from one to the other. Simply porting SQL tables to a collection might cause you more harm than good. In this talk, the attendees will learn about the basic concepts of document databases, such as documents and collections. They will then learn about some of the standard data schemas available. Finally, the speaker will show real-life examples of data migration and how they can be applied to adopt a new NoSQL database.

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Joel Lord (@joel__lord on Twitter) is passionate about the web and technology in general. He likes to learn new things, but most of all, he wants to share his discoveries. He does so by travelling at various conferences all across the globe.
He graduated from college in computer programming in the last millennium. Apart from a little break to get his BSc in computational astrophysics, he was always in the industry.
In his daily job, Joel is a developer advocate with MongoDB, where he connects with software engineers to help them make the web better by using best practices in web development.
During his free time, he can be found stargazing on a campground somewhere or brewing a fresh batch of beer in his garage.