BlackAlps 2023

Program committee

The program committee is composed of international renowned experts in the field responsible for building a program of quality. They will collect the proposals and select the most outstanding ones.
- Julien Bachmann, Google (chair)
- Diane Dubois, Google
- Alain Mowat, SCRT
- Antoine Neuenschwander, Swisscom
- Sylvain Pelissier, Kudelski Security
- Christophe Tafani-Dereeper, Datadog
- Mathieu Tarral, Intel

Benefits for the speakers

Accepted speakers and trainers will enjoy the following benefits:
- Reimbursement of travel costs up-to a decent amount
- Paid accommodation (up to 2 nights)
- Free admission to the event, as well as the social events

In the case 2 speakers are presenting for the same talk or workshop:
- Both speakers will have free admission to the event, as well as the social events
- We cover the fees for only one double-room

If you’re more than 2 speakers, the additional speakers will have to book their room and social events.

Proposal topics

We expect an event offering a wide range of topics included in the information security field, including software, hardware, networks, infrastructures, systems, and others. For instance, topics could be:
- Applications security
- Vulnerability research and exploits development
- Penetration testing and red teaming
- Cloud security
- Security automation
- Network security
- Intrusion detection and monitoring
- Cryptography

Some examples of subjects:
- How we are handling appsec for product development at XYZ
- Novel exploitation technique against target XYZ
- How we are building detection engineering at XYZ
- I received ABC for Christmas, this is how I hacked it
- Findings vulnerabilities in cloud providers services
- Shifting security left and ensure safe-by-construct products

An external resource on how to write a good CFP.


This year workshops can also be entered through the CFP. Workshops are to be given on a day (e.g. 9am - 5pm). Regarding the pricing model, please indicate your pricing per participant in the CFP answer. BlackAlps keeps a fee of 250.- CHF per participant covering the room, lunch and coffee breaks. An exception for students’ price can be discussed and agreed between Black Alps and the trainer (e.g. CHF 100.-). Please indicate the minimal and maximal number of attendees that you allow.

For example:
- If your training is free, participants pay CHF 250.-
- If your training is CHF 500.-, you get CHF 250.- per participant, BlackAlps gets CHF 250.-

All workshop payments will be managed through BlackAlps ticketing system.
Attendees will be provided with lunch and coffee breaks for the day. The trainer will be provided with a training room that includes a projector.

First timers

Is this the first time you’re submitting to a conference and you’re not too confident? Would you like some feedback on your submission? You probably got this but it could be a little bit stressful submitting to your first conference :) Don’t worry, this year, we got you covered!

Tag your submission with [mentoring] in its title and submit a draft before May 20th. We will review your submission and give you feedback before May 25th so you can make adjustments, should it be needed.

Proposal language

Talks (45 minutes format) and workshops can be given in French or in English, with a preference for the former ;) We however ask speakers to prepare slides in English.

Required submission details

  • Title
  • 200-words abstract describing your talk or workshop
  • A few words on why we should accept your talk or workshop
  • Language you plan to deliver your talk or workshop in
  • A list of authors and their affiliations
  • Contact information for the presenter, including e-mail, web presence (website/blog/twitter/...), mobile phone number and full home address
  • A short biography
  • Whether or not your talk can be recorded and added on the conference’s Youtube channel

If available, the following can also be part of your submission
- A description of the research presented in the talk with a maximal length of 4 pages and/or the slides if already available;
- If needed, a list of special requirements (special network access, equipment, etc.)

This Call for Papers closed on 2023-06-10 00:00 (Europe/Zurich).