Bread&Net 2022

Nour Haidar

Nour is a lawyer working across litigation, policy, and public advocacy at Privacy International. Nour’s work focuses on resisting surveillance, ensuring social protection and protecting civic spaces.

Nour has a particular interest in policy and human rights in the Middle East/SWANA region. Prior to joining PI, Nour was a Columbia Law School Fellow working in Beirut, and trained as a lawyer at a corporate law firm in London. She was admitted as a lawyer in England and Wales in September 2018. Nour holds a BA in Law and Politics from SOAS, University of London and an LLM from Columbia University in New York.


Exporting Surveillance, Arming Abuse - تصدير تقنيات المراقبة ومفاقمة الاعتداءات
Nour Haidar
  1. Discussion around strategies being deployed by EU-based journalists and NGOs to tackle surveillance exports from the EU. The technology being exported and/or financed may be (and in some cases, has been) used by authoritarian regimes and security forces to perpetuate serious harms and abuses against individuals and human rights defenders.

  2. Enable advocates, researchers and activists to undertake advanced research into EU-based financing and/or export of highly intrusive surveillance technologies.

  3. Develop a shared perspective on the most effective safeguards (human rights risk assessments vs. data protection stipulations vs. conditional funding vs. monitoring mechanisms)

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