Xavier Ashe

Xavier Ashe is currently a Senior Vice President in Truist's Security Operations division and the Vice-Chair of the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Information Security Society. Xavier is a Georgia Institute of Technology alumnus and has over 29 years of leadership experience in information security, working for various vendors and consulting firms, including IBM, Gartner, and Carbon Black. Xavier was the first hire at the startup Drawbridge Networks, where he was instrumental in bringing the first microsegmentation solution for servers and workstations to market. Mr. Ashe holds many industry certifications, including CISM, CISSP, ITIL, and SOA. Xavier has been invited to speak at many security conferences including DefCon, BSides, Splunk .conf, SANS, and others.

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Hell, Firewire and Infosec: A Sermon
Xavier Ashe

How does one face the world with so many vulnerabilities out there? Another day, another 0-day, but yet we must overcome. We are the front line; we are the last line. WE ARE INFOSEC. We are the chosen people to protect the flock. We must find the inspiration to harness the energy of the Multicolored Hat. Whether you worship the red or the blue, we must join together as a nation, as a people, as a subculture.

Wait… Do I spot a sinner? Do you tell your neighbor, “Don’t reuse thine password”, yet do so yourself? Are you guilty of committing your keys to GitHub? Do you covet thy neighbor’s bandwidth? Come to the sermon of the Holy Multicolored Hat to securely erase those sins. Let your conscious be free of guilt so that you can carry the good word to the world. Be cool.

Room 402 - "Re-Imagine" track