BSides Birmingham 2023

Gaurav Ravindra Raje

With over 15 years in software architecture, Gaurav specializes in creating secure, high-availability applications. He authored the book "Security and Microservice Architecture on AWS" (O'Reilly, 2021) and has contributed to the AWS Certified Database Specialty Exam. Gaurav also authored the SHA-224 package for Jython. He is passionate about combining business value with technical excellence. He holds an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business and a Master's in Computer Science from RIT, blending business acumen with technical prowess. He's nearing completion of his Doctorate in International Business from Rutgers, reinforcing his commitment to lifelong learning.


Match your cloud security and architecture to your business environment
Gaurav Ravindra Raje

If security is such an absolute requirement, and if AWS makes it so easy to build secure systems, why don't all companies build secure systems? What is it about companies, the stage lifecycle that they are in, that makes one company choose one architecture over other? What are the trade-offs associated with architectures on the cloud? When you build a secure system, what would you have to give up in return? This talk will discuss the various architectural tools and patterns that you could follow on AWS while building a secure, scalable system.

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