Developing cybersecurity curriculum for secondary school
02-11, 11:30–11:40 (UTC), Track 2 - Foxhunter

Nowadays, many educational providers worldwide have started teaching cyber security courses for school students due to rising interest from students. As a result, cyber security developer programs need help building a competent cyber security curriculum that is relevant and nurturing student performance throughout their leading journey.
In addition, teachers at the secondary school level need more recent and up-to-date experience and need more relevant resources.
Consequently, It is crucial to address how cyber security will be delivered within the curriculum to secondary schools. This paper analyses different computer science curricula in eight countries and the extra curriculum worldwide.
The analysis estimates that in many countries, cyber security educated was addressed inconsistently, embedded in various curriculum content areas. The existing curricula could have offered more support for teachers to educate the nature, aims, and pedagogical identifications of
Cyber security. Comparing the curricula raised some critical challenges faced by cyber security in secondary school. These challenges are discussed in the paper alongside the proposed way of addressing them.

This study answers the following essential questions: (1) what the challenges of teaching cyber security between 12 to 15 are?
(2) How is cyber security education addressed in secondary school curricula worldwide? (3) What are the issues with the existing cyber security curricula worldwide?