Trans Tech Tent - (Talks begin at 10 am) Click for Schedule of talks
02-11, 09:00–17:00 (UTC), Track 3 (TTT) - St David's Suite

Hack hardware, hack software, hack social situations, hack careers, hack gender, hack biology, hack society, hack the planet, hack everything!

The Trans Tech Tent is a Welsh organisation that started out as a community repairs group for queer people in the Cardiff area. Two years later, we hack everything, fix everything, and have a global support community.

Come visit us for talks, chats, and workshops throughout the day on every topic we could reasonably fit into a security BSides event!

See for current schedule

Risky Business - using risk-based analysis to detect bad things
Jaime McCallion

10:35 AM 30min
Giving you the ICK - Industrial Cyber Knowledge for n00bs
Jamie Grant

11:10 AM 45min
Biohacking in the 21st Century - A guide to transition

1:00 PM 30min
Reimplementing game servers for fun and giggles
Eva Lauren Kelly (thejsa)

1:35 PM 30min
Reversing UK mobile rail tickets

2:10 PM 30min
Smart Watches are dumber than you think
June Fleetwood

2:45 PM 30min
Why Don't I Know Kung Fu Yet?
Misha Whitney

3:20 PM 30min
Wandering wombs - A History of Medical Misogyny
Raven Gough

3:55 PM 30min
it's borked - programming was a mistake

5:00 PM 15min
Closing Statement

Director of the Trans Tech Tent and Sr. CIRT Analyst, fixing what other people broke for [REDACTED] years!