Verify, then Trust
02-11, 10:40–11:10 (UTC), Track 2 - Foxhunter

Dr Jennings presents a session on how to identify 'experts' using false credentials and accomplishments to establish their reputation.

From dummy think tanks to false academic credentials and degree mills, Dr Jennings, author of the acclaimed book on establishing false identities 'When You're Not You', presents a fascinating session on how people claim false authority. Covering everything from the principles of influence involved, to the techniques, and how to verify the claims people make.

Dr Rick Jennings is an acclaimed expert in the field of false identities and credential claims, and has been researching in the field for over a decade. Among other works, he is the author of the recognised authoritative text on the subject 'When You're Not You: Identity and Credential Falsification Through the Ages' and has presented keynotes at a number of globally renowned events.