ICS Village (Opens at 9.45)
02-11, 09:00–17:00 (UTC), Workshops - ClockTower

Interested in seeing how industrial control systems work and how secure they are? The ICS Village run by the University of Bristol's Cyber Security Group includes live demos of various attacks against ICS devices using our mobile demonstration units.

Industrial control systems, such as those controlling many aspects of critical infrastructure including energy, water and manufacturing, are increasingly the target of sophisticated cyber attacks. At the ICS village you can see practical attack demonstrations against real ICS devices, including demonstrations of attack scenarios which can cause physical processes to go wrong. Demonstrations include reconnaissance of ICS devices, the exploitation of programmable logic controllers and password cracking of human machine interfaces.

Joe Gardiner is a Lecturer in Cyber Physical Systems Security in Bristol Cyber Security Group, the University of Bristol. His primary area of research is the security of industrial control systems.