Bsides Cymru 2024

I Know What You Did Last Summer
04-27, 15:15–15:45 (Europe/London), Sophia Room - Track 2

We willingly share immense personal information about ourselves online disregarding the consequences of such actions. Privacy is now a word we bound around whilst simultaneously sharing with the world every aspect of our lives with no second thought. Social media, public databases and breach dumps are a treasure trove of information. From account takeovers, targeted phishing campaigns, fraud, stalking and blackmail we’ll see how threat actors can put the jigsaw pieces about us together to create a detailed attack profile.

Thought provoking look at how much personal information we share and exploratory look at how this can be used in targeted campaigns.

During the talk attendees will learn what type of personal information is attainable by OSINT.

Workflow of an investigation into a target (using myself as an example)

Scenarios of how threat actors could utilise this data with real world examples.

A cybersecurity professional with only two years experience, imposter syndrome is a weekly bi-product of having changed careers midlife. Every day is a school day, now looking to tackle the inner fraud that takes so many in the community and share what I have learnt.