Dhruv Bisani

Dhruv is an experienced cybersecurity professional with a key interest in leading & delivering Adversarial Attack (Red/Purple Team) simulations. He formerly established & served as the Head of the Red Team at Resillion and is about to start as the Head of Adversarial Simulations for a UK Bank.

Over the last few years, Dhruv’s core focus has been on developing the red team capability at Resillion, while focusing on testing less common environments such as MacOS. He has successfully delivered advanced attack simulations across a range of sectors including finance, healthcare, legal, and retail. Dhruv possesses extensive experience in executing projects under the UK CBEST/TBEST schemes. Dhruv’s role encompasses a wide array of responsibilities such as recruitment, training, overseeing sales/finances, as well as enhancing technical methodologies and processes.


Oh My Phish!
Dhruv Bisani, Theram

Phishing remains one of the most effective attack vectors in the cybersecurity landscape. This talk sheds light on the comprehensive setup and intricacies of orchestrating a phishing campaign, dissected into distinct phases: Reconnaissance, Planning, Building, Pre-Execution, and Post-Execution. By diving deep into the attacker's mindset and methodology, participants will gain insights into how a successful phishing campaign is carried out.

Track 3
Building a macOS Red Team playground
Dhruv Bisani, Jack McBride

With an increasing number of companies, like start-ups and fintech firms, transitioning to macOS environments, the demand for macOS red team expertise is increasing. Setting up a comprehensive and effective macOS lab environment is a critical foundation for both offensive and defensive cybersecurity professionals. We all know how important this is, either to test payloads or create new one for the next gig.

However, the unique nature of macOS can pose challenges while simulating an environment, for those familiar with other platforms. This workshop aims to provide a guide for attendees to setup up a organisation like macOS playground (lab environment) along with AD integration to replicated organisational setup, for red teamer to get started.

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