Theram is a red teamer at Resillion, a global cybersecurity firm, where he has orchestrated and executed a wide array of red and purple team operations. In his role, Theram specialises in crafting sophisticated phishing campaigns to target small-medium sized businesses and mature organisations alike, across industries ranging from banking and finance, to legal and healthcare. Eager to push boundaries, Theram has lately delved into researching initial access techniques, with a spotlight on mastering the intricacies of phishing. Amongst other industry certifications, Theram currently holds the OSEP, OSCP and CRTO.


Oh My Phish!
Dhruv Bisani, Theram

Phishing remains one of the most effective attack vectors in the cybersecurity landscape. This talk sheds light on the comprehensive setup and intricacies of orchestrating a phishing campaign, dissected into distinct phases: Reconnaissance, Planning, Building, Pre-Execution, and Post-Execution. By diving deep into the attacker's mindset and methodology, participants will gain insights into how a successful phishing campaign is carried out.

Track 3