Mobile Application Pentesting 101
12-09, 10:00–12:00 (Europe/London), Workshop Room 2

Mobile Applications are some of the most widely used pieces of technology by people. However, one side of penetration testing that isn't as well known is mobile application penetration testing.

In this workshop students will be shown how to setup and proxy an android emulator, how to reverse engineer an Android application, how to bypass certificate pinning, and some basic tests they can perform against the application.

Workshop requirements:
- A laptop with Android Studio installed,
- Android 12/13 emulator (this is optional, but will really save time),
- Web proxy (Burp or otherwise).

Niall Caffrey is a Senior Security Consultant at Edgescan for over eight years. Specialising in a comprehensive array of security services, Niall routinely performs in-depth auditing, assessments, consulting, and penetration tests. His expertise spans a broad range of technologies, including networks, cloud infrastructure, web and mobile applications, and more. Trusted by blue-chip companies across diverse sectors - from fintech and government to insurance and medical - Niall's proficiency ensures that these organisations remain safeguarded against ever-evolving cyber threats. With a deep understanding of the nuances and intricacies of digital security, he is a pivotal asset to the Edgescan team.