Cloudy with a chance of security
12-09, 12:20–12:35 (Europe/London), Rookie track

In this electrifying session, we'll delve into the mystifying fog surrounding businesses' massive shift toward cloud migration. Brace yourself as we scrutinize the age-old debate: Is the cloud always the silver lining, or does on-premises have its own unique thunder? We'll navigate the treacherous storms of cloud attacks, from sneaky access control breaches to misplaced trust in cloud service providers. Discover the aftermath of these attacks: compliance nightmares, reputational tremors, and the struggle to rebuild. Fear not, for we shall also unveil the arsenal of security measures, from powerful IAM controls to vigilant resource monitoring. Join us, and let's secure the future of cloud together!

Hi I'm Sascha, a Computer Science student with a star-crossed love for Cyber Security! Besides my fondness of technology, languages and cookies, I love to learn new things and get stuck in wherever the opportunity arises!