Exploring the Dark Web: Forums, Markets, and Scam Insights
12-09, 10:40–10:55 (Europe/London), Rookie track

Are you interested in learning more about the dark web? If so, this rookie track talk could be just what you're looking for! I will showcase my findings about different dark web forums, marketplaces and talk about the scams that you can encounter there. During this talk you will learn why the dark web is still useful. You sure do not want to miss a great opportunity to learn more about the dark web.

This talk will be an introduction about dark web forums, dark web markets and scams present on the dark web 2023:
- Forums - Get an insight into what dark web users are talking about on different forums available on the dark web.
- Markets - I will share some of my wildest findings on marketplaces on the dark web. You will be surprised at what sort of things are for sale on the dark web.
- Common Scams - Get a chance to learn more about the latest scams that are coming from the dark web. You can also get an insight into how the scam operates and catch it before it's too late.
During this talk you will learn why dark web intelligence is increasingly being leveraged by intelligence teams, threat hunters, law enforcements, and more.

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