Game hackers and you: Knowledge extraction from toxic places
12-09, 14:20–14:35 (Europe/London), Rookie track

A Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) focussed look at the game-hacking community and their forums, gleaning insight into how both sides of the infosec and hacking community can gain vital knowledge from sometimes toxic places.

First, a rapid-fire overview of the underground game hacking community,
the anti-cheat arms race and their connections to more organised, and criminal hacking.

Exploring both historic and recent releases from the underground cheating community that have gone overlooked,
from new UEFI bootkits, massive vulnerable driver releases, the true origins of BYOVD and even un-reported zero-days.

After exploring these forums, We will showcase the connection many of these releases have between a tool designed to cheat in a video-game,
and something capable of massive destruction, hopefully illustrating their need to be understood and tracked.
Also covering how blue-teams can learn about an adversaries trade-craft before it is exploited in the wild, catching possible threats before they leave the "game-cheat" stage.

Finishing off by teaching you some best practices, looking at some "bad places to start" and show that when looking at these communities,
it is very easy to get lost in the sea of toxicity many of these forums and communities provide.

Hacker, researcher, student