Physical Intrusion - Access Un-Controlled
12-09, 15:45–16:30 (Europe/London), Clappy Monkey Track

Think your access control system is protecting you and your business? You might be surprised to learn that, under-the-hood, your doors are wide open.

This talk delves into how these weaknesses, when combined with social engineering tactics, can enable attackers to infiltrate buildings, penetrate sensitive and high-risk areas, then exit undetected.

We'll expose critical issues in system integration and compliance that leave businesses dangerously exposed. Our presentation includes live demonstrations of these tactics and case studies illustrating how such vulnerabilities can be exploited in coordinated attacks. Most importantly, we'll explore effective strategies to mitigate such issuess including educating businesses about these often-overlooked threats, utilising technology and heightened awareness in thwarting low-risk but high-impact security breaches

Currently a senior security consultant at Rootshell Security. He has over 18 years experience of the fire alarm and access control/security industry moving into penetration testing and, in particular, physical intrusion engagements in 2020. Since that time he has completed a number of physical and social engineering engagements including some internationally.