DevSecOps on a Budget: Building a Secure Development Pipeline Without Breaking the Bank
12-09, 17:10–17:25 (Europe/London), Rookie track

A fully fledged DevSecOps pipeline can be expensive! But it doesn’t need to be….

In today’s cost-conscious environment we don’t all have the luxury of a bottomless security budget to drop on the top of the line SaaS solutions. Join me for this talk as I take you through the process of building a robust, scaleable, and secure pipeline to bring security to the heart of your software development process. Discover practical strategies, open-source tools, and cost-effective approaches that empower your organisation to achieve DevSecOps excellence without compromising your financial health.

In this talk, we will delve into the practical aspects of implementing a DevSecOps pipeline whilst being mindful of budget constraints. With the current financial climate, not all organisations have the ability to invest in high cost SaaS solutions. This presentations will provide you with the knowledge and tools to build a highly secure development pipeline that is both robust and cost-effective.

We will cover:
* Core DevSecOps Principles: An overview of the fundamental concepts of DevSecOps and why it is critical for modern software development
* Assessing Security Requirements: How to determine the security needs of your organisation and projects and how to prioritise them
* Tool Selection: Evaluation of open source and affordable tools and technologies to suit your security needs
* Scaling for Growth: A discussion on strategies for scaling your DevSecOps pipeline as your organisation grows

From his hands on experience working in cross functional teams as a full stack engineer to his theoretical knowledge gained during his studies in computer science with a specialism in cyber security, Robbie hopes to bring a unique perspective looking at the challenges faced by security teams in the modern software development world.