The art of cyber deception
12-09, 15:20–15:35 (Europe/London), Rookie track

What is cyber deception? Is it simply lying on the internet, or is it something far more sophisticated? Find out the answer to these questions and more, and by the end you might be able to deceive your attackers too!

Cyber deception represents the next paradigm of cyber defence, where one engages with their adversary much earlier in the attack lifecycle than before. By redirecting attackers towards decoy assets (whether a VM, service, or an entire subnet!), there exists immense potential to both deter attacks and gleam considerable amounts of real-time threat intelligence against would-be adversaries, including insider threats.

In this talk, we'll briefly look at what cyber deception entails, demonstrate an example or two of cyber deception campaigns, and the prerequisites for implementing an effective cyber deception scheme.

Graduate consultant at Logiq Consulting. Particularly interested in cloud security and the application of novel cyber technologies.