BSides Toronto 2020

Payal R K

Payal R K is a Lead Information Security Analyst in Target's Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT). She joined Target Corporation in 2018 and currently leads the CSIRT India team as an Incident Handler. Payal has a strong skill set which includes conducting host-based and network-based analysis. Before joining Target, she was a Security Analyst at VMware India. During her time at VMware she had an opportunity to speak at Grace Hopper Conference India, 2016 on the topic "Sniffing using Dsniff”.


Profiling Bad USB Attacks
Anitha A, Payal R K

As of April 2020, 59 percent of the global population uses the Internet and a very small fraction of these people know that BadUSBs aren't restricted to mass storage devices with infected files on them. Today, there are normal-looking USBs that are capable of running malicious programs to exfiltrate most critical data on a computer without a single mouse click. All that needs to be done in order to achieve this is, be connected to a USB port. In this paper we will talk about the capability of a device called WHID (Wi-Fi injector) and what can be done to detect and investigate it.