BSides Toronto 2020

Digital Cinema Security
2020-10-18, 13:00–13:40, Twitch

Film is a cultural asset, but a new blockbuster, sitting "in the can" the day before release, is a business asset. How do big league studios, and the theatres that screen their nine-figure budget "tent-pole" features, protect digital content? Follow the (encrypted) path of modern film in this talk, right from the post house to the tamper-resistant boards inside the laser projectors lighting today's silver screens.

Security professionals have many reasons to turn an eye to the digital cinema and film industry. In particular, new developments and emerging directions in cryptography mean that much of the current digital cinema security model will soon enter a period of transition. Other media and entertainment sectors, including broadcast television, gaming, and streaming, have also taken a page from some of these cinema security approaches. This talk will shed light on how the film industry worked to address security challenges in a way that can offer insight when protecting other content and information - even when asset values climb.

Tim has more than 20 years of experience in information security, with his duties ranging from C-suite briefings to red team engagements abroad. As a member of Canada's mirror committee to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27 and the Cloud Security Alliance OCF WG, Tim also works to advance security standards for industry and the public sector. He has previously spoken at events including InnovationTO, GovSym, the MISA Ontario Security Conference, and the Chief Security Officer Summit.