BSides Toronto 2020

Asking Questions and Writing Effectively
2020-10-17, 11:00–11:20, Twitch

This talk is all about the investigative method and how it aligns with the scientific method to drive our investigations as analysts. Each important question is emphasized and examples are given to help with the framing of these questions from an analytical perspective. At the end an example is given showing how to put your answers together into an effective report.

How an analyst approaches an investigation is guided by the questions they ask themselves. Anyone can be an effective investigator! All it takes is some understanding of how to frame your investigation around specific questions. I will walk through these questions, how they aid in the collection of evidence, where they come from, and how to effectively write down the answers in a report.

I am a father and a SOC analyst. The investigative process and how analysts ask and answer questions are some of my greatest passions in the field. I began as a SOC analyst over 4 years ago and early in my career I learned how important questions are to an effective investigation. I hope to share tips that could helps others become awesome investigators and writers.