BSides Toronto 2020

Getting people out your automation
2020-10-17, 15:00–15:20, Twitch

Automation Cannot Think, help it.
CAB meetings think too much, avoid them.
Check (Audit) your work
Keep “everything in its place” automatically.

Some stories from the trenches about how automation is changing things in the data center and campus, with morals to avoid the same mistakes. Containers in the cloud or guests in vmware or hyper-v gives operators more flexibility to design their systems and test them properly. Why are load-balancer, router configurations and firewall rules created and tested ad-hoc? Creating rules for putting systems into groups should be streamlined to allow for dynamic additions and removals by updating systems and having an API call, LDAP query, web-hook or gRPC call update the membership list? I talk about a blend of experiences with customers about how their changes go and how to transition towards a more automated experience.

Over the last 20 years, I have been integrating technology solutions into customer environments solving business problems. I have worked with many customers from small to national to international; from coding shops to healthcare to manufacturing.