BSides Toronto 2023

Alex Beaver

Alexander Beaver is an Application Security Engineer and student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has worked in application security for Paramount, Cisco, and multiple start-ups. Alexander received international recognition for his leadership of a FIRST robotics team, including the shift to a quality-first culture. He also was the Tech Lead at RITSEC, a student-run cybersecurity club with over 200 members. At RITSEC, Alexander developed a multi-year plan to lower the barriers to security education. He specializes on Secure Software Development and Trusted Computing. Alexander is interested in the relationship between organizational culture and security posture, particularly SDLC adoption.


How Quality Engineering Transforms Application Security
Alex Beaver

Are you tired of constantly patching vulnerabilities in production systems? Would you prefer proactive security mitigation to reactive response? This presentation explores the lessons I learned building a culture of quality software engineering, and how that culture can mitigate vulnerabilities before they are ever written. The lessons discussed can help your organization break the inertia of endless patching, and instead benefit from consistent, meaningful improvement.

ENG 103