JAMBOREE: Java Android Magisk Burp Objection Root Emulator Easy
10-14, 10:30–11:20 (US/Eastern), Room 402

Get a working portable Python/Git/Java environment on Windows in SECONDS without having local administrator, regardless of your broken Python environment. Our open-source script downloads directly from proper sources without any binaries. While the code may not be perfect, it includes many useful PowerShell tricks.

Run Android apps and pentest without the adware and malware of BlueStacks or NOX.
Run BloodHound Active Directory auditing tool
AUTOMATIC1111 Stable Diffusion web UI A browser interface based on Gradio library for Stable Diffusion
AutoGPT ( Setup for Pay as you go gpt3-turbo https://platform.openai.com/account/usage )
Android Debloat Tools
How it works:
Temporarily resets your windows $PATH environment variable to fix any issues with existing python/java installation
Build a working Python environment in seconds using a tiny 16 meg nuget.org Python binary and portable PortableGit. Our solution doesn't require a package manager like Anaconda.

** comming soon SaftyNet Bypass from Yuzzuff AKA N2R2D2 **