Offer Comparisons to Make Informed Hiring & Career Decisions
10-14, 10:00–10:50 (US/Eastern), Room 462

Taking a new job, and hiring, are both extremely complex.

Taking a new job, and hiring, are both extremely complex.
When searching for a new job, or hiring, the way that opportunities are ranked has measurable metrics that can be used to improve retention, increase career growth, and improve the hiring process. In this talk, 20 minutes will be spent on the job searching side discussing how to rank opportunities by not just their salary and benefits. The growth opportunities, culture, training budgets, and much more should be considered for longevity. Following that, 20 minutes will be spent on the hiring side - how to make sure the offers being generated are the strongest they can be, to compete in this very challenging hiring climate. Knowing how people view the career opportunities, and their futures in those roles, is a very powerful element of extending offers that are accepted and retaining people in those roles. A downloadable spreadsheet will be made available, and posted after the event and a limited number of printouts will be provided.

See also: Offer Checklist (56.6 KB)

CEO and Co-Founder of SecureRecruit, Amy is an experienced advocate for better hiring practices in the cybersecurity community. Recruiting continuously for 23 years, with experience building strategic partnerships and recruiting top cyber talent, she has focused on staffing positions specifically in the Cybersecurity space for the last 10 years. Amy understands the complexity of the challenges faced by corporations when it comes to hiring talented Cyber Security Professionals. Her career specialties include Product Security, Software Security, AppSec, DevSec, Security Architecture, and Security Leadership. Amy is born and raised from Georgia, and in her free time she enjoys music, getting sunshine, and spending time with her son Denver.