Human Memory Management: Techniques for actionable security research
10-14, 15:00–15:50 (US/Eastern), Room 300

Your brain can only hold so much information about any given topic, so getting that information out of your brain and into a more long term storage solution is a highly effective way to take your career to the next level. In this presentation I will distill the lessons I've learned after passing over 15 industry certifications and taking dozens of industry trainings by demonstrating with live demos of how I keep all that knowledge easily accessible.

As security professionals we are often expected to know every detail about every technology/attack/tool as soon as it comes out. Unfortunately our brains did not evolve to think this way. This presentation delves into the importance of note-taking in cybersecurity and offers actionable strategies and techniques to maximize the value you get out of your research, training, and certifications.

Graham Helton is currently a Red Team Specialist at Google specializing in Linux exploitation. Graham posts frequently on his website with deep dives on various security related topics. Additionally he has taught practical phishing assessments for TCM-security, which is now released for free online and founded a security consulting company, Low Orbit Security. In his free time he likes to pretend like he knows what he's doing.

Enjoys: Linux, videogames, coffee, FPV drones
Dislikes: Windows