An appeal to individuals operating "research" networks
11-09, 13:00–13:10 (Europe/Berlin), Main Stage

In recent years so called "research networks", owned and operated by individuals, are on the rise. These networks are using public ASNs, IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes and are participating in the DFZ.

Whilst hands-on learning in general is great, we need to put this in context of the general stability of the internet at large, especially in current times, where routing security is not a default.

This talk offers the perspective of one individual network operator and aims to start a discussion, it is in no way to be interpreted as "the truth".

Moritz is Senior Network Architect at ANEXIA by day, and part of the DENOG e.V. board as well as one of the people operating Stuttgart-IX at night. In previous years he worked for a local ISP, built multiple datacenters from scratch and worked on the network strategy for a global CDN.

He is passionate about peering, routing security, site reliability engineering and optical transport.

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