PeeringLAN 2.0 – DE-CIX introduces EVPN
11-15, 10:00–10:30 (Europe/Berlin), Helmut Schmidt Auditorium
Language: English

DE-CIX has been working on the introduction of EVPN on its peering platform since the beginning of the year. Considering the increasing number of participants, especially in Frankfurt, the introduction of EVPN including ProxyARP/ND is already overdue in order to get the exponentially growing broadcast/multicast traffic in our peering LANs under control and to reduce the load on customer routers. Additionally further security features based on a ProxyARP/ND agent according to RFC 9161 will be activated and the protocol stack of our global network will be expanded to include RSVP-TE and sBFD. In this presentation we would like to present the course of the project, benefits and side effects for DE-CIX customers, explained in technical detail.

At the time of the potential presentation, we will already have migrated the first peering LANs and will be a few weeks in front of the DE-CIX Frankfurt migration.