VPP: Forwarding 100Mpps with BGP/OSPF on amd64
11-15, 13:30–14:00 (Europe/Berlin), Helmut Schmidt Auditorium
Language: English

In this talk, Pim will demonstrate high performance routing using open-source VPP and its underlying Data Plane Development Kit. This talk highlights the authors work on integrating the Linux Control Plane which makes BGP, OSPF, etc available with VPP, including smart ways to automate configuration of the router's data- and controlplane layers.
We’ll then turn to a popular DPDK based network load testing tool TRex, and discuss performance benchmarking results from the field using the author’s AS8298 as a practical example. This will demonstrate that a fully open source router can seriously compete with silicon based router vendors.

Pim van Pelt is known for SixXS, a global IPv6 tunnelbroker which ran from 2001-2017. In this journey, he found that IPv4/IPv6 routing at scale (many interfaces, many prefixes or many packets/sec) was better handled in user space rather than the kernel (both for FreeBSD and Linux). Today, Pim operates IPng Networks, a small ISP in Switzerland, using AMD64 based routers running VPP, which will give silicon-based routers a run for their money.