DENOG15 Call for Presentations & Workshops

The fifteenth meeting of the German Network Operators Group (DENOG) will take place on the 20th and 21st of November 2023 in the CET time zone (UTC+1) in Berlin, Germany! Additionally, there will be a workshop day on November 19th.
We are pleased to announce that the DENOG15 submission system is open and invite everyone of you to participate by submitting your ideas for workshops, presentations, and lightning talks.

DENOG is a community for professionals in the D/A/CH region and beyond who are operating, designing, or researching the internet. It provides a technical forum where those working on, with, and for the internet can come together to solve problems with every aspect of their (net)work.

The meeting is designed to provide an opportunity for the exchange of information among network operators, engineers, researchers, and other professionals close to the network community.

Berlin or virtual?

DENOG15 will be a hybrid meeting. The on-site conference takes place in the Estrel Congress Center in Berlin, Germany. Virtual attendance is possible via our venueless platform, this platform will also be the main hub for Q&A and Polls for both forms of attendance.

Potential topics

DENOG meetings are very network-centric, and we are looking for presentations covering topics in the range of network engineering and operation, e.g. (but not limited to):

  • Network and resource planning
  • Datacenter technologies
  • Network and routing security
  • Internet peering
  • Internet Governance
  • IPv6 deployment
  • Network operations
  • Network automation
  • RPKI Deployment

We also encourage introductory talks and workshops covering basic understanding for any technology within the networking realm. We explicitly endorse submissions covering non-technical aspects of the Internet industry, e.g., shared experiences in different working environments, psychological or mental health, and sustainability related topics as well as interesting data analytics presentations.


The program committee is seeking presentation proposals from within our community. DENOG15 is organized as a single track meeting, i.e., no parallel presentations. Each presentation has a length of 30min including Q&A. Lightning Talks are limited to 10 minutes.
Feel free to submit as many presentation proposals as you like. We keep limited amount of Lightning Talk slots available for impromptu topics coming up during the event.


The purpose of workshops at DENOG15 is to provide the community with a hands-on experience with striving technologies under the supervision of experts and the like. Workshops are held in smaller groups with 20-50 participants.
Workshops can take from 2 hours up to a whole day (5h total workshop time), length is at your discretion. Workshops will be limited to onsite participants.

Should participants require any preparation (e.g., a Virtual Machine, a Compiler/Interpreter of sorts, etc.) please note so in the description of your workshop.

Language of Slides and Talks

To appeal to a wide international audience, we ask you to keep the spoken language of your presentation to English and also submit your slides in English. If you do not feel comfortable or able to present in English, please reach out to the program committee.

If a workshop’s audience permits switching to any other language it is at the presenter’s discretion to choose English or German.

Recordings and Publications

We will publish slides and a video recording of your talk after the event. We kindly ask you to honor the copyright of any media in your presentation. Should you have any concerns regarding any form of publication please get in touch with the program committee before the event. By submitting a proposal, you agree to yourself and to your content being recorded and/or published.

Workshops will not be recorded to encourage participation and remove the fear of asking trivial, yet important, questions.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions must have a strong technical focus and must not be solely promotional for your employer. We will not accept product or company marketing talks.

To submit a proposal for a presentation, we request that you submit your talk at

We will collect all submissions until the deadline for submissions and will collectively vote on all submissions. You will receive feedback during the selection process and after the deadline once the final decision has been made.

We also welcome suggestions for specific presentations which you feel would be valuable to the DENOG community.

If you have any questions or requests concerning presentation submissions, please send an email to

Who should submit

DENOG15 is open to everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), or technology choices.

We judge your submissions solely upon the submission guidelines.
DENOG15 also welcomes first-time speakers and can offer feedback and help with perfecting accepted talks. If you're unsure do not hesitate to reach out to the PC during the CFP.


Should you have any questions regarding the CfP or your submission do not hesitate to get in touch with us at
Should you require a personal contact please contact the program committee chair Moritz Frenzel ( or Sebastian Becker (