Internet Governance Overview
11-20, 17:00–17:30 (Europe/Berlin), Auditorium

Internet Governance is a terminology which is often used and referred to, but who are the players? Who is responsible for what and how does this puzzle pieces fit together?
This presentation aims to explains some of this questions.

As Vice President Technology Christian Kaufmann leads the Technology department which is responsible for driving the technical evolution of the Akamai Edge platform, including a wide set of responsibilities like hardware engineering, datacenter architecture, network architecture and engineering, and software and systems development.
Christian has gained extensive board experience including hiring CEOs and handling M&A, during his 15+ years on various boards in the Internet ecosystem.
Currently he serves as a board member at ICANN and the Tor Project.
Before joining Akamai, Christian worked at several ISPs and Carriers like Telia Sonera, Easynet and Cable & Wireless, in various technical and managerial roles.
Christian has a Master of Science in Advanced Networking from The Open University in the UK. He also holds various technical certifications, including both a CCIE & JCNIE.