Two years of BGP-EVPN to the host
11-21, 14:30–15:00 (Europe/Berlin), Auditorium

We are building Das SCHIFF, a Kubernetes Cluster as a Service platform for Deutsche Telekom. Das SCHIFF is used by internal teams to deploy network functions like 5G core and other applications on bare-metal.

Due to the complexity in telecom networks we opted to build a host-centered design with BGP-EVPN to each Kubernetes host.

I would like to share our design, experiences, encountered obstacles, future and present where EVPN to the host has its benefits.

Chris is a DevOps Engineer building Das SCHIFF at Deutsche Telekom. His main focus is the machine side of the network fabric and how it integrates into Kubernetes. He joined DTAG in the middle of 2021 and quickly became the leader for Das SCHIFFs bare metal networking journey.