Running a platform for container based network functions in 2023, the good the bad and the ugly functions
11-21, 11:50–12:00 (Europe/Berlin), Auditorium

When you want to provide telecommunication services to customers you need to provide a good set of functions/services to them. Most commonly those services are ~~IP-based~~, I mean of cource IP6-based.
These functions are commonly provided by vendors which are pre-selected by long negotiations.
In these, all requirements are marked as fulfilled at the end.

After signing the contracts, the vendors + internal operations teams onboard those functions onto our platform. And this is what we find.

  • Kubernetes?
  • cloud-native?
  • 12-factors?
  • do you have arp?
  • redundancy?
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In my free-time I am working for Selfnet e.V. as a volunteer and we bring Internet to students in Stuttgart.
Additionally I try to keep up with my garden.

During working-hours I bring proper networking concepts into the cloud-native world to fullfill the basic needs for Deutsche Telekoms Kubernetes platform called "Das SCHIFF".
For the past years I was also involved in monitoring of network devices with prometheus.



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