Moving your mobile customers from IPv4 to IPv6
11-20, 11:00–11:30 (Europe/Berlin), Auditorium

Between 2015 and 2021, in Germany, Deutsche Telekom has first enabled Dualstack IPv4 and IPv6 for their mobile subscribers, and then successfully transitioned most of them into an IPv6-only access model.

This talk will highlight the rationale, the planning phase, the different testing stages as well as the implementation and the migration of the customer base.

You will also learn some basics on how IPv6 works in 3GPP mobile networks, and a lot of lessons learnt will be shared.

See also: Presentation (358.3 KB)

In 2012, Holger Metschulat joined Deutsche Telekom. As an expert in IPv6 and mobile broadband technologies, he led the design and transition of the mobile internet access at DT from IPv4 based to an IPv6-only access. Currently, areas of occupation are fixed line access and disaggregating things via Kubernetes.

Before starting his work at Deutsche Telekom, Holger was working in presales and postsales engineering at Nortel Networks and Juniper Networks.