Maarten Breddels

Maarten Breddels is an entrepreneur and freelance developer/consultant/data scientist working mostly with Python, C++ and Javascript in the Jupyter ecosystem. Creator of ipyvolume and vaex, founder of His expertise ranges from fast numerical computation, API design, to 3d visualization. He has a Bachelor in ICT, a Master and PhD in Astronomy, likes to code and solve problems.

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Modern Data Science: A new approach to DataFrames and pipelines

We will demonstrate how to explore and analyse massive datasets (>150GB) on a laptop with the Vaex library in Python. Using computational graphs, efficient algorithms and storage (Apache Arrow / hdf5) Vaex can easily handle up to a billion rows.

Dashboarding with Jupyter notebooks, voila and widgets

Turn your Jupyter notebook into a beautiful modern React or Vue based dashboard using voila and Jupyter widgets.