Andrii Gakhov

Andrii Gakhov is a mathematician and software engineer holding a Ph.D. in mathematical modeling and numerical methods. He has been a teacher in the School of Computer Science at V. Karazin Kharkiv National University in Ukraine for a number of years and currently works as a software practitioner for ferret go GmbH, the leading community moderation, automation, and analytics company in Germany. His fields of interests include machine learning, stream mining, and data analysis.

The author of "Probabilistic Data Structures and Algorithms for Big Data Applications" (ISBN: 9783748190486)

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ferret go GmbH

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Exceeding Classical: Probabilistic Data Structures in Data Intensive Applications
Andrii Gakhov

We interact with an increasing amount of data but classical data structures and algorithms can't fit our requirements anymore. This talk is to present the probabilistic algorithms and data structures and describe the main areas of their applications.

Track 3 (Oteiza)