Alexander CS Hendorf

Alexander' professional career was always about digitalization: starting from vinyl records in the nineties to advanced data analytics nowadays. He's a Python Software Foundation fellow, program chair of Europe's main Python conference EuroPython, PyConDE and the scientific Python conference EuroSciPy. He’s one of the 25 mongoDB masters and a regular contributor to the tech community. As regular speaker at international conferences in he love to talk about, discuss and train tech.
Being a partner at Königsweg - a boutique consultancy based in Mannheim, Germany - he's advising and training industry clients in Ai, data science and big data matters.

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Institute / Company – KÖNIGSWEG Twitter handle – @hendorf Homepage – Git*hub|lab –


Best Coding Practices in Jupyterlab

Jupyter notebooks are often a mess. The code produced is working for one notebook, but it's hard to maintain or to re-use. In this talks I will present some best practices to make code more readable, better to maintain and re-usable.