Michele "Ubik" De Simoni

Lover of 🐧🐧. Pythonista 🐍. Machine Learning Engineer 🤖. Mad Scientist. Evil Mastermind. Walking Beard. Tinkerer. Nerd. Tech junkie.

Programming turned the tide of a crippling, panic-attacks inducing depression caused by a profound unsatisfaction with my choice of an academic career. During 2016 and 2017 I developed a burning passion for Python, robotics, Linux, Open Source/Hardware/Data/Science, and all things Machine Learning, I devoted myself day and night to learn the craft. My passion never waned and my drive toward knowing more grows each day.

Currently employed as a Machine Learning Engineer at zuru.tech, there I lead the research effort on GANs (and everything else relating to either the generative or the adversarial world of Deep Learning), help with Computer Vision and act as the Supreme Overlord of the Data Pipeline that feeds our AIs.

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Institute / Company – Zuru Tech Institute / Company – Zuru Tech Institute / Company – Zuru Tech Twitter handle – @mr_ubik Twitter handle – @mr_ubik Twitter handle – @mr_ubik Homepage – https://essays.ubik.tech Homepage – https://essays.ubik.tech Homepage – https://essays.ubik.tech Git*hub|lab – https://github.com/mr-ubik Git*hub|lab – https://github.com/mr-ubik Git*hub|lab – https://github.com/mr-ubik


Deep Diving into GANs: From Theory to Production with TensorFlow 2.0

GANs are one of the hottest topics in the ML arena; however, they present a challenge for the researchers and the engineers alike. This workshop will guide you through both the theory and the code needed to build a GAN and put into production.