Guillaume Lemaitre

I am an engineer working for the scikit-learn foundation @ Inria.

Institute / Company – scikit-learn foundation @ Inria Institute / Company – Center for Data Science / Inria Twitter handle – @glemaitre Twitter handle – @glemaitre Homepage – Homepage – Git*hub|lab – Git*hub|lab –


Introduction to scikit-learn: from model fitting to model interpretation

We will present scikit-learn by focusing on the available tools used to train a machine-learning model. Then, we will focus on the challenge linked to model interpretation and the available tools to understand these models.

The Rapid Analytics and Model Prototyping (RAMP) framework: tools for collaborative data science challenges

The RAMP (Rapid Analytics and Model Prototyping) framework provides a platform to organize reproducible and transparent data challenges. We will present the different framework bricks.