Juan Luis Cano Rodríguez

Juan Luis Cano is an Aerospace Engineer based in Barcelona, Spain working as a Software Engineer at Satellogic, where he develops Python tools for geospatial data processing and scheduling algorithms for satellite operations. He also freelances for R&D Aerospace companies and Business schools, and in his spare time he contributes to open source, chairs Python España non-profit, rides his bicycle, listens to '70s British Hard Rock, and pursues impossible dreams.

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Institute / Company – Satellogic Institute / Company – Satellogic Twitter handle – @poliastro_py Twitter handle – @poliastro_py Homepage – https://www.juanlu.space/ Homepage – https://www.juanlu.space/ Git*hub|lab – https://www.juanlu.space/ Git*hub|lab – https://www.juanlu.space/


Can we make Python fast without sacrificing readability? numba for Astrodynamics

There are several solutions to make Python faster, and choosing one is not easy: we would want it to be fast without sacrificing its readability and high-level nature. We tried to do it for an Astrodynamics library using numba. How did it turn out?