Pierre Glaser

Hi! My name is Pierre. I currently work as a research engineer in the Parietal Team at a French research institute called INRIA. You may know my team as we created many machine-learning and scientific computing libraries among which scikit-learn, joblib, nilearn and others. I am currently improving Python's multiprocessing tools across the whole scientific computing ecosystem. I notably contributed to scikit-learn, joblib, numpy, cpython, cloudpickle and many other libraries. You can follow me on twitter (https://twitter.com/PierreGlaser) and github (https://github.com/pierreglaser).

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Institute / Company – INRIA Twitter handle – @PierreGlaser Homepage Git*hub|lab – https://github.com/pierreglaser


Recent advances in python parallel computing

Modern hardware is multi-core. It is crucial for Python to provide
efficient parallelism. This talk exposes the current state and advances
in Python parallelism, in order to help practitioners and developers take
better decisions on this matter.