Nicholas Del Grosso

Nicholas Del Grosso is an American neuroscientist post-doc in Germany who is passionate about open, reproducible science. Besides teaching data analysis and programming to scientists in courses, workshops, and at PyData Munich, he builds scientific software to study the learning process itself--from understanding the brain's responses to exposure to machine-brain interfaces, rat's understanding of 3D virtual environments, and scientists's responses to the stress of managing their own experiments!

Note: Nick is currently looking for a post-doctoral position to work on problems related to reproducible science! If you're looking for someone like him, send him a message or come say hello!

Institute / Company – Max Planck Institute, Munich, Germany Twitter handle Homepage Git*hub|lab –


Scientific DevOps: Designing Reproducible Data Analysis Pipelines with Containerized Workflow Managers

A review of DevOps tools as applied to data analysis pipelines, including workflow managers, software containers, testing frameworks, and online repositories for performing reproducible science that scales.