Matti Picus

Matti is a core developer of PyPy, contributing to the internal numpy implementation _micronumpy and to the layer that allows python c-extension modules to run on the PyPy python interpreter. He has been active in the open source community both as a contributor, teacher, and presenter at conferences. Since April 2018, he works full-time developing NumPy, employed by BIDS

Institute / Company – Berkeley Institute of Data Science Institute / Company – Berkeley Institute of Data Science Twitter handle Twitter handle Homepage – Homepage – Git*hub|lab – mattip Git*hub|lab – mattip


Inside NumPy: preparing for the next decade

Over the past year, and for the first time since its creation, NumPy has been operating with dedicated funding. NumPy developers think it has invigorated the project and its community. But is that true, and how can we know?

CFFI, Ctypes, Cython, Cppyy: how to run C code from Python

Python is flexible, C and C++ are fast. How to use them together? There are many ways to call C code from Python, we will learn about the major ones, find out when you would prefer to use one over the other.